Petrol Passenger Cars

Express Service from $191

  • Drain and change engine oil and change filter.

  • Check lights, horn and wipers.

  • Check tyre condition, treat with silicone and adjust tyre pressures.

  • Check steering and suspension.

  • Check air filter.

  • Check cabin filter (if easily accessible).

  • Test battery.

  • Check brake fluid and test.

  • Check coolant and test.

  • Check transmission oil level and condition.

  • Check power steering fluid level and condition.

  • Top up window washer fluid.

  • Visual check of cooling system hoses.

  • Check external drive belts.

  • Visual check of disc brakes.

  • Road test and report.

Standard Service from $238


Express Service as above plus the following:

  • Check dash warning lights.

  • Lubricate door locks and hinges.

  • Check fuel filter (visual).

  • Check spark plugs (if easily accessible).

  • Remove wheels and check brakes, check brake lines and hoses.

  • Check CV boots.

  • Check Exhaust system for security or leaks.

  • Road test and report.

  • Car Air freshener.